Series Pilot

Breaking Bad meets World War Z

Treatment Stage.



The Feel Of The Watchmen And Wonder Woman Movies Come Together

Screenplay Under Construction

Coming Soon

Fernando - Action/Sci-Fi

A young boy who lives in poverty in the US desert southwest discovers that his future is tied to a stranger from the past.

I Wish - Romantic Comedy

A garage sale genie lamp unleashes havoc for a young woman trying to change her life.

Where Rosemary Goes - Romantic Comedy

Set in the 1970's, an introverted college student falls for a college campus protestor with hilarious results.

The Last Noel - Action/Horror

Saint Nick as you've never seen him before.

The Pink Racquet - Comedy

A young tennis phenom just wants to live a normal life.

Sister Christian

A minimum wage job at the local amusement park in the 80's turns into the adventure of a lifetime. 

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