Big Moochie has partnered with WORKS FILM STUDIO the European based entertainment 

company behind many of the high end special effects seen in blockbusters like “Iron Man 3” and “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” to present a project based on an Austin Film Festival

Screenplay Competition Quarter-finalist screenplay.

 Carol Anne Watts is BAILEY JENNINGS, a timid recluse, who finds herself struggling for survival as the award winning screenplay comes to life on the big screen. Even the deadly stranger who has targeted Bailey and her friends is an unwitting part of a larger trap set long ago. If she is to solve the mystery and save her friends, she must unleash the warrior inside. It’s a roller coaster weekend of non-stop action and self-discovery as a new heroine rises up to take AIM.

"This was exhilarating and a fantastic read. It reminded me of "You're Next" but taken to the next level!"

"Bailey is an incredible protagonist. I would love to see this on the big screen."

"The many twists and turns make the script feel fresh and unique."

                                                                  - Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition Judges

With key cast in place, locations set and a budget at 200k, AIM is a great equity partnership opportunity. The project taps into the current profitable trend of the strong female lead and already has a sales agreement in place with Fantastic Films International.