A Genre Project In High Demand

Re-discover Christmas Through A Child's Eyes

Alex loved Christmas. His cousin Steve and their friend, Liz also waited all year to spend the holidays at his Grandmother's house. The glittering candy dish that only they could see sparkle, just made the season more magical. Grandma always claimed that it had been a childhood gift from Santa himself. But a Christmas morning tragedy changed everything for them all. 

Twenty years later, Alex is a successful District Attorney, a rising star with a true contempt for the holidays. He is finally forced back home to sell his Grandma's old house and reluctantly realizes how his cousin and friend have handled the memory themselves.

As he struggles to address the misery he has left behind, he rediscovers the old candy dish. Alex vows to take on the biggest challenge yet – to finally put things right. 

But he'll need the magic of the dish and maybe a hand from Saint Nick himself to get back into his friend's lives and bring Christmas back to Grandma's house.

A Winning Partnership

Big Moochie has partnered with WORKS FILM STUDIO the European based entertainment company behind many of the high end special effects seen in blockbusters like “Iron Man 3” and “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” to present a genre project with a solid screenplay and decades of production experience behind it. The result - a film that looks and feels like a big budget feature without the big budget.