Little Lucy

The Red Wolf Series Begins


Lucy Collins is a lonely but fearless ten year old with some very unusual abilities. Her beloved adoptive sister, Claire is all she has left in the world. But with Claire away at college, she struggles for a sense of belonging. A weekend with Claire and her friends begins with the companionship the little girl has longed for but quickly becomes a nightmare when they are attacked by a clan of Lycanthrope. In her fury, Lucy begins to discover her true nature and it may be the beasts with the most to fear...




A Vetted Story

Judge's Reactions

"The ending is heartrending and happy all at the same time; again not something you expect from a slasher film. Quite extraordinary."

"The dialogue is another gem in this story. The dialogue is witty, funny, and sounds like college kids." 

"Escalates at a great pace with a traditional three-act structure with some fun twists and turns along the way. A very satisfying ending also. Well done." 

-Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition Judges


Little Lucy is now an Amazon Top Rated Novel!

Reader Response

"AWESOME  story! Loved the concept and the action and absolutely LOVED Lucy!  Great characters also. This is not the typical werewolf story. Made me  laugh many places, made me cry several places, but I enjoyed it  thoroughly despite the tears."

"Such a wonderful story. I cried. A story of the sister bond is heartfelt. Everyone with a little sister will enjoy this book."

"Absolutely  loved it couldn't put it down. I was so caught up in the characters  that I didn't realize that the story was over. It is absolutely  riveting. I loved the whole story it's non stop action and heartbreaking  at the same time. Best read ever."