A Romantic Comedy 25 Years In The Making

Fate Gone Awry

This coming of (middle) age story begins during a family vacation at the gorgeous Lake of the Ozarks. Joe Daniels has a bright future ahead of him, and is moments away from meeting the girl of his dreams. The beautiful fortune teller at the arcade who guides Joe, is no hack. It is Fate herself, on hand to make sure events go as planned. But what Fate has decreed, even Joe's obnoxious brother Chris can screw up. And he does, unknowingly preventing them from meeting.

As a result, 25 years later, Joe is a beaten man. He is divorced, missing his children and working a dead end job writing sexual harassment training films. At a guys weekend back at the lake with their dimwitted cousin Matt, history seems poised to repeat with hilarious results. As Fate Would Have It is not only the story of love overcoming a snag in fate, but also a reminder of the universal message that it is never too late for a second chance.

This poignant tale will appeal to young and old alike, combining the nostalgia of past summer vacations with the absolutely satisfying moment a character realizes their own potential. 


A Vetted Story

"There is some very good writing talent within the pages of 

As Fate Would Have It ©. There is a good sense of character here...their situations and the resultant comedy rings true...the story has good momentum and scenes do ride on the story's through line."

Lynne Pembroke, owner of "" and a respected script reader. She counts Walt Disney Studios, Stephen Cannell Productions, and ABC-TV among hundreds of happy clients, including an Emmy winner.

"Well written script. A lot of cool/cleverly written plot twists." - Missouri Stories Scriptwriting Fellowship Competition Judge

"Liked the idea of Fate/Chance and not being afraid of a good thing." - Missouri Stories Scriptwriting Fellowship Competition Judge